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Version for the shoulder joint
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First smart implant for the shoulder, Goldilocks combines the best of technology and the medical know-how of surgeons to improve surgical outcome. 

Goldilocks is the next generation of orthopedic implants.

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Goldilocks offers an optimal solution for patients suffering from shoulder joint pain secondary to arthritis. Combining simplicity and innovation, our implants benefits from all our know-how in terms of technology in order to be able to communicate to the surgeon the necessary information on the state of the joint, at the right time.


In addition, we aim for better adaptability for each patient, and therefore a better surgical response to each anatomical problem.

How ? By reading in the patient's joint via an intelligent system. Goldilocks offers the surgeon objective data to reduce the problems of loss of mobility, bone fractures and joint instability.

Even better, the implant is equipped with intra- and postoperative adjustment technology, which allows one to adjust the balance of the joint throughout the implant's life.

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A smart prosthesis


Surgery adapted to each patient's anatomy


Effective today, adjustable tomorrow

" Statera Medical's Technology Addresses Unmet Needs in Orthopedics  and will improve the quality of life of patients. "


Dr. Moreno Morelli

just when needed.

Thanks to its patented communication protocol, the implant ensures communication only during key moments of surgery and patient follow-up. Not using batteries to be functional, it is safe for the patient and guarantees an infinite lifespan, to ensure monitoring of the condition of the implant throughout its lifespan. 

Adapted, and adaptable.

The ability to manage the lateralization distance is essential if we want to be able to adapt the surgery to each individual over time. That's why Goldilocks is designed to be adaptable. 

For all sizes.

The Goldilocks Smart Prosthesis is available in two sizes (36mm and 42mm) with the aim of suiting any anatomy. Its adaptation system also allows it to precisely adjust the soft tissue balance specific to each individual.

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Repeatability you can see.

The precise and objective measurement of the tension in the soft tissues helps guide the surgeon in reducing the risk of fracture, dislocation or muscle fatigue. Thanks to its integrated sensors, Goldilocks is able to offer the surgeon an objective visual, in real time.​

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All the information, in real time.

Developed in conjunction with the practitioners concerned, the Statera Medical interface offers the surgeon an overview of the key parameters relating to the smooth running of the surgery, but also to the optimization of the patient's function. 

The data, generated in real time by the implant, thus makes it possible to support the surgeon in the positioning of the implant and provide direct anatomical feedback on the patient side.

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Discover the Statera Medical service, closer to surgeons

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Goldilocks supports you on a daily basis.

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