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Of the hospital, 

to your home. 🏡

Why come to your place ?

A surgical operation is a major intervention for the human body. If we aim to reduce the risks of purely anatomical complications from 15 to 3% thanks to our innovative technology, we are fully aware of the negative externalities linked to the very context of the surgical intervention. 
Also, we are developing a solution capable of streamlining post-intervention. By digitizing post-operative medical follow-up, we allow the patient to live more peacefully following their surgery while relieving congestion in the healthcare system. 
How? By implementing within our range of products a software for interpreting the data generated by the implant allowing the monitoring of patients remotely, and therefore avoiding visits to clinics or to the X-ray room.


Simply focused on your needs.

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Our tracking application has 3 objectives. 

To popularize , first, by offering you an accessible interpretation of the technical data generated by the implant and therefore an overview of the evolution of your anatomy.

Quantify , then, by allowing daily data entry, opening the way to the treatment of patients' chronic pain.

And reassure , finally, by maintaining a permanent link between you and your doctor able to prevent any complication.

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Don't lose your hand.

Popularize, quantify, reassure. These three steps described above are essential if we want to make shoulder surgery more fluid. But there remains a clear objective to achieve: the recovery of a maximum range of motion.  

This is the ultimate goal of our service. Clearly, our application offers you a series of exercises capable of rehabilitating you in terms of movement while minimizing the risk of injury. Based on the data of your implant, on the recommendations of the doctor and on the evolution of your anatomical condition, our exercises are therefore adapted to your case, and not those of the norm.

Accessible everywhere , for everyone !

And as we do not want to exclude or constrain, our service is available on computer, tablet and smartphone. 

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