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Connected prosthetis

A smart prosthesis

When activated, the prosthesis transmits data related to the tension of soft tissues to a connection terminal. The prosthesis can be activated during surgery, as well as during postoperative follow-ups.

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Connection terminal

Intuitive interface to facilitate the surgical process.

Real-time information provide a greater understanding of the in vivo behavior and provides direct feedback to optimize mobility and stability of the implant.


Golidlocks' interface

Objectively quantify a patient’s soft tissue tension


Data at the service of health professionals


Repeatability and analysis of soft tissue behaviour.

Prevent the risk of bone fractures, instability, dislocation and muscle fatigue.

Anatomical data that allows repetitive surgery.

Ability to customize the implant fit at the time of surgery using hard data and being able to track the patients’ outcomes over time using empirical data as a baseline

Precise analysis means to better guide the surgeon

Visualize the impact of a thickness variation on the balance between stability and mobility.

An adjustable prosthesis.

Thanks to its adjustment mechanism, our technology supports surgeons by allowing precise adjustment adapted to each patient.

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