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closer to the surgeon.

The Goldilocks ecosystem is designed to support the surgeon in all his activities. From surgery to post-operative follow-up, including the adjustment of the prosthesis, everything is designed to streamline and improve the surgical process by placing the practitioner at the center of our approach. 

From interfaces designed in conjunction with surgeons to post-operative follow-up, including anatomical adjustment, everything is designed to facilitate the surgical process, and not complicate it with an overdose of service. 

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More precision.

The intra-operative interface is purified and emptied of any graphic surplus. Objective: go to the essential. The surgeon will have continuous access, in real time, to the parameters of muscle and tissue tension of the patients, to the position of the point of contact of the components at the interface of the joint, and to the range of mobility induced to all these data. 

Thus, beyond the success of an operation, the intra-operative interface aims to increase the surgeon's ability to repeat the operation and to guarantee the success rate, regardless of the patient's anatomical data. 

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Install. Test!

The Intra-Op interface also provides a visualization of the subject's shoulder anatomy in three dimensions, while displaying an accessible metric system that allows the surgeon to easily observe the patient's range of motion at time T. .

Thus, the practitioner is systematically able to adjust the position of the prosthesis, in order to offer the patient the greatest possible freedom of movement.

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Save your results.

The data generated during the operation can be saved easily thanks to the Data option, directly integrated into the interface. Thanks to this tool, the intra-operative data land directly in the patient's medical file and can be consulted at any time by the doctor during the post-operative follow-up. The possibility of rereading the files also makes it possible to analyze the surgery with more precision and to identify possible clues of a future complication. 

Present from A to Z.

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Maintain contact with the patient.

The surgical operation corresponds to the epicenter of the medical process of arthroplasty, but the post-operative follow-up should not be underestimated. The transparency of the entire Statera Medical ecosystem (intelligent prosthesis, patient application and data interpretation software) aims to streamline contact between the patient and his doctor. 
In other words, it allows freer follow-up, although daily, and avoids the obligation for the patient to travel to the clinic. It is also a means of quantifying and assembling the patient's data in order to provide the surgeon with a basis of objective anatomical data capable of supporting him in his future medical decisions. 

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