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Adjustable prosthesis

A patient-specific implant

For all types of pathology. 

Goldilocks system allows to precisely manage the implant thickness in order to adapt the surgery to each patient.

The precise and objective measurement of the soft tissues tension provide information to surgeons in order to help prevent the risk of fracture, instability, dislocation and muscle fatigue.

For soft tissue tensionning.

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Adjustable, even in post-operative stage

In case of complications, Goldilocks can simply be readjusted in a minimally invasive fashion - saving a revision surgery and other cycle of healing and rehabilitation.

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Only 2 sizes

The Goldilocks system is available in two sizes (36mm and 42mm) to suit any anatomy.

Data for healthcare providers

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Markers to better guide surgery

Functional positioning of shoulder implants using real-time data.

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Understand the phenomenon of implant aging

Ability to adjust the implant after implantation is the ultimate revision scenario, as it provides a way to address clinical problems caused by incorrect implant fit without requiring an implant revision.

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Uncompromised repeatability

Provide actionable intelligence to surgeons when managing patients with a wide array of shoulder pathology.

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A smart prosthesis

With the collected data, our technology assists surgeons in identifying the right compromise between mobility and stability for each patient.

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