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Goldilocks ecosystem


Adaptive implant.

An innovation in the field of arthroplasty, Goldilocks offers the ability to make micro adjustments to the implant to optimize function in a minimally invasive fashion and avoid an invasive revision surgery in case of complications.

Connected via a patented communication protocol.

The implant is fully passive (no need to use batteries to be functional), which is safe for the patient and guaranteed an infinite lifespan. It only allows communication when it’s needed during surgery and patient follow-up.

Group 397.png

Power & data transmitter

Intuitive interface to facilitate the surgical process.

Real-time information provide a greater understanding of the in vivo behavior and provides direct anatomical feedback to optimize mobility and stability of the implant.


just when needed.


Repeatability and analysis of soft tissue behaviour.

Prevent the risk of bone fractures, instability, dislocation and muscle fatigue.

Anatomical data that allows repetitive surgery.

Ability to customize the implant fit at the time of surgery using hard data and being able to track the patients’ outcomes over time using empirical data as a baseline

Precise analysis means to better guide the patient.

Recommend rehabilitation exercises specific to each patient.

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In Surgery.

Our technology allows the surgeon to more accurately and easily estimate the soft tissue tension during the surgery. 

Discover our ecosystem in surgery.

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