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Goldilocks in rehabilitation.

Post-operative interface

Support the patient, 
Help the healthcare providers

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Goldilocks system allows patients to live more peacefully following their surgery, have a better quality of life, and diminishing congestion in the healthcare system. 


How? By providing critical information about the implant function that allow to precisely monitor patients remotely, and therefore avoiding visits to clinics or to the imaging department.

Remote monitoring, with objective measurement

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Personalized protocol for each patient

Following up with patients on a more personal basis, knowing directly if the implant is working as it should.

Optimize and diminish congestion in the health system

Data generated by the implant can replace multiple complementary imaging exams.

Secured data

Crypted data only accessible by healthcare providers.

Tracking progress

A data ecosystem designed to provide actionable intelligence to surgeons and provides hard data to track the patients’ outcomes over time using empirical data as a baseline.

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Connection with the patient

Remote patient’s follow-up as never been so simple - Ask directly to the Goldilocks system to capture in vivo real-time information about implant and to have the most complete information about patient’s function.


Recover through personalized exercises.

Collect data to determine your implant function.

Communication channel with surgeon.

Manage pain.

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In Surgery.

Our technology allows the surgeon to more accurately and easily estimate the soft tissue tension during the surgery. 

Discover our ecosystem in surgery.

A product and a data ecosystem.

The Goldilocks system is designed to accompany patients and healthcare providers from surgery to complete remission.

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The Goldilocks ecosystem has been designed to smooth and speed up surgery by providing real-time information about implant function.

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