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at the forefront of motion.

Find out about smart, connected orthopedic implants that can be tailored to each patient. At Statera Medical, we envision the future of orthopedics as more adaptable and more focused on the stakeholders.


Merging medicine and technology to benefit the patient.

Statera Medical is the result of a critical look at modern arthroplasty procedures. The difficulties are numerous and affect each step of the surgical process: surgical complications, congestion of the health system, complicated medical follow-up, loss of mobility…  

To address these problems, we are developing the next generation of smart implants - the first of their kind - destined to meet the needs at multiple levels.

By providing anatomical data demystifying the condition of the joint and by guaranteeing a patient/doctor link during post-operative follow-up, the Statera Medical ecosystem wants to be a pioneer in this field to develop the arthroplasty of tomorrow.

What is total joint arthroplasty ?

Arthroplasty is an orthopedic procedure that consists of reconstructing a diseased body joint.

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Introducing Goldilocks.

First intelligent and personnalizable prosthetic device for the shoulder, Goldilocks links technology to healthcare.

More than just an implant.

Learn all about the Goldilocks’ ecosystem, accessible from the hospital, to your home.

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Our latest news!

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March 2022

Statera Medical Inc.'s next-generation shoulder prosthesis obtained the Breakthrough Device Designation from the FDA!


March 2022

Questions to Mtl Inc. laureates in life sciences.


October 2021

Why We Invested in Statera: The Next Generation of Shoulder Prostheses.

They trust us 👋

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